May 28-30, 2021


International Students Model United Nations

What is ISMUN?

International Students Model United Nations (ISMUN) is a fully virtual high school Model United Nations conference created with the intention to give all students an equal opportunity to participate in a global United Nations conference. Through this conference, delegates will be given the opportunity to debate and problem solve in a high-intensity, professional environment. We offer delegates the ability to perfect their communication, research, and teamwork skills through the following committees: United Nations Security Council, World Health Organization, and Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. Each committee is strategically and specifically designed to provide an immersive experience.

Our Goal

ISMUN is a student run organization with the goal to provide all students with the opportunity to attend a global Model United Nations. Due to Covid-19, many MUN conferences have been canceled along with MUN related opportunities, and our team seeks to provide students with a MUN experience even amid the pandemic.


Zone 1

The Americas

Timezone: UTC -9 to UTC -2

Zone 2

Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Timezone: UTC -1 to UTC +4

Zone 3

Asia and Oceania

Timezone: UTC +5 to UTC +12

Our Platforms

The conference will be held on Zoom, but communication will occur through Discord.

Our Team